S is for Commissary Schaumann

Augustus Ludolf Friedrich Schaumann (1778-1840) was a citizen of Hanover who served in the British Army during the Peninsular War. His ambition was to serve with the King’s German Legion but he began and ended elsewhere. The English edition of his diary was published in 1924 translated by Anthony Mario Ludovici, famous and notorious byContinue reading “S is for Commissary Schaumann”

L is for Sergeant William Lawrence

There’s no reason to dispute the basic facts about William Lawrence’s life that can be found in his own autobiography. He was born in 1791 in the village of Bryant’s Piddle in Dorset (no bowdlerised Puddle for him), was apprenticed to Henry Bush, a Studland builder, didn’t care for life as an apprentice, walked toContinue reading “L is for Sergeant William Lawrence”